Governing Body

The members of the Governing Body for the Rawalpindi Development Authority consist of..

  • Finance Minister, Govt of the Punjab.
  • Chairman P & D Board.
  • Secretary of the Finance Department.
  • Secretary of the LG and RD Department.
  • Secretary of the HUD and PHE Department.
  • Commissioner Rawalpindi
  • Managing Director WASA Rawalpindi
  • Mayor of the Rawalpindi
  • District Coordination Officer


There are 4 directorates for the Rawalpindi Development Authority..

  1. Directorate of the Metropolitan and Traffic Engineering
  2. Directorate of the Land and Estate Management.
  3. Directorate of the Engineering.
  4. Directorate of the Administration and Finance.


There are the main and prominent incentives and services from Rawalpindi Development Authority.

  • Building and used Land Control and Urban areas development plan.
  • Launch new and state of the art housing slandered schemes.
  • Preservation and improvement for the Green-friendly and public-friendly environment.
  • Development of Estate and Land Management.